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Marist Youth Leader Reunions

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Marist Youth Leader Reunions

Next week, groups of university students and young professionals will come together in different centres across New Zealand - connected by a common, shared experience. Each of them has attended the Marist Youth Leader programme in one of the summers since it began in 2002. Spread across New Zealand and the wider world, there are more than two thousand students and staff who once spent a week of their summer holiday exploring the concept of leadership “in a Marist way” and equipping themselves for the challenges of leadership, initially at school, and then in later life. There are another five hundred students who have explored leadership and social justice through the Young Marist Neighbours programme, in various isolated communities of Aotearoa.

Where have they taken this experience since? For the most recent graduates they are now working out what leadership looks like in the context of university or trades.  For others, they have taken the MYL experience with them as they work towards the heights of academia, business, law and medicine, even professional sport. 

This community is diverse in skill, experience and interest. 

In September the Young Marists organisation is keen to get us back together, to connect around our shared Marist identity, to fill us in on what’s been happening for the organisation, and to dream about the future. We have some exciting news to share with you on the night!

If you have been a part of a Marist Youth Leader or Young Marist Neighbours programme, head across to the Young Marists Facebook page to find out about a reunion in your closest centre.

Wellington: September 13th
Christchurch: September 14th
Dunedin: September 15th
Auckland:September 16th

See you there!

For more details head to the Young Marists Facebook page below.