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Jonny Greaney

Young MaristsComment
Jonny Greaney

Jonny Greaney is the Director of Religious Studies at Silverstream, a position he has held now for nearly two years.  Prior to this he held the same position, with some senior management responsibilities, at St John’s College in Hastings, so his Marist connections run deep.


Jonny is married to Helen, and they have three children, Noah aged 12, Jessica aged 9, and Joseph aged 6. 

“Serving God through serving others begins right here in our home.  We all play sport, we all read books, and the kids keep the Lower Hutt library in business.  But we put aside time to pray together too, to attend Eucharist, and to be part of the parish.  We want the children to grow up with their faith being a normal part of their lives.  The quiet times help us to hear God speaking to us through the other people in our lives.”

Jonny is a keen footballer himself, as are all his children, and he has been a very successful coach at junior and secondary school level.  Through sport, and all the other out-of-classroom activities he is involved in, he believes his teaching in the classroom is enhanced.                                   

 “You get to know the whole person, and I know this is a Marist thing because Fr Colin talked about it.  I try to see each person like a mother loves her own children.  No one is ever perfect, and there is a real need to understand each person’s dignity.  On some days the only love that someone might get is what you, yourself, give them.  That’s an opportunity not to be missed.”


Jonny speaks of the tension that there is being a Catholic man living in a secular world.       

“Many people don’t understand the Church and what it teaches, and why it teaches what it does.  I think it is important to live each day in a way that shows I enjoy the wonderful gift that is my life, and the lives of those I love, and that our faith allows us to be free and happy and positive.  It doesn’t hurt to forgive others, and it’s immensely satisfying to walk alongside someone who needs encouragement, just a little push to get some forward momentum again.”

What does "Being Marist" mean to you?                                                                                    

“Being Marist is being like Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and having a personal relationship with her Son.  It is a challenge every day to live the Gospel that Jesus taught, ‘Love God, love yourself, love others.’”