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People of MYL

Young MaristsComment
People of MYL

This week 140 year 13 student leaders from around the National Network of Marist schools have descended upon Hato Pāora College for the annual Marist Youth Leader programme.
There are many people who make this programme possible, but we want to introduce you to some who you may not have met before. 


Meet Nan. Casserole connoisseur, Quiche Queen, Mashed Potato Master.
Nan is the chief chef, the head of the whaea brigade, the conductor of the orchestra that somehow busts out 180 meals, three times a day, effortlessly. With a constant smile.
We have had the privilege of Nan’s cooking since Marist Youth Leader began at Hato Pāora. There is never an empty puku, an empty fruit bowl or a hungry teenage St Patrick’s Silverstream student when she is around!


Chief vegetable preppier, meat slicer, bread butterer, hot water fixer, plumber, builder, digger driver. If its broken there is no need to visit Bunnings, Toro can fix it. 
Nan’s side-kick is often found cutting up a mutton whilst simultaneously fixing a broken oven and making sure everyone has a cup of tea. A man of action!


Whaea Hera
Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Paleo, Flexitarian, Vegetarian, Pescatarian or just don’t like lettuce, Whaea Hera is the lady you want to know.
She is often found making tofu and chia seeds taste delicious, leaving the carnivores with a look of jealousy as they see the delights she has whipped up!


Whaea Marg

Superior salad dresser, experienced expeditor, neat napkin folder and head seasoner, Marg is often first one in and last one out of the where kai everyday.
9/10 Detective skills particularly for finding who has taken the box of ice blocks.


Whaea Ra

Dessert Director, ensuring that the sugar rush is constant, sweet and seconds are always available. Whaea Ra’s care for students throughout the week is one of the main reasons she is remembered so fondly for years after!


Whaea Sue

Whaea Sue is constantly doing the mahi. Chopping, scrubbing, cleaning, washing, stirring, cooking and serving are only a fraction of jobs on her list that she somehow manages to get through before lunch time. 


Mumuz and Neve

Ice block thieves who can run a lot faster than everyone else.


We are incredibly fortunate to have our whānau whānui here at MYL, we wouldn’t be able to run our programme without them. They are living examples of the values that MYL teaches; humility, service and aroha.
We are looking forward to the next meal already!