Stories of Community from Marists across New Zealand

Pawerenga lies on the eastern shores of the entrance to the Whangape Harbour, north of the Hokianga Harbour. Our host school, Te Kura o Hata Maria, has roughly 35 students under the leadership of Mariea Herbert-Pickering. We have been included in some incredibly unique experiences like working in the school helping with reading and maths, washing in the river when the water tanks are low, drag netting for flounder and accompanying the children to an elderly local to sing to her in what were thought to be her final days.  For the young people that visit Pawerenga, they leave with a respect and love for the whenua (land) and its people. In 2015, two young men from the Marist network have chosen to spend their first year out of school living and volunteering in the community and working with the children. 

For me, Pawarenga is the most incredible place I have been. Its not that it is flash or big but that it is beautiful and the people really care about each other.
— Claire, Timaru