Stories of Community from Marists across New Zealand

Young Marists is the organisation which provides youth development and leadership opportunities for students from the National Network of Marist Schools.  Young Marists is the result of fourteen years of development at the hands of many Marist religious and lay workers. They have constantly sought to grow and adapt to best meet the changing needs of young people in New Zealand. As we launch Young Marists this year, we are conscious of and grateful for their contribution.  Young Marists works across nine schools in New Zealand with an outreach to four schools in Australia as well. Young Marists offers significant programmes at each level of secondary school:

YEAR 9  - The Faith Journey: A programme of introduction to the Catholic secondary school for Year 9 students and their parents.

YEAR 10 - Young Marist Heroes: a programme of character development focusing on the concept of personal heroes and the making the decision to live heroic lives.

YEAR 11 - Virtues and Values: a programme that challenges students to discover and take ownership of the virtues and values which help them to live the gospel in a Marist way.

YEAR 12 - Social Justice: a programme that challenges the students to recognise their place of privilege and responsibility in the world through exploring Catholic Social Teaching and embracing it in their daily lives.

YEAR 13 - Christian Leadership in the World: a leadership formation programme that challenges students in their final year of school to critically evaluate their potential to influence the world and to make good decisions accordingly.

In addition Young Marists offers two signature programmes:

Young Marist Neighbours: a week long residential programme for Year 12 students to spend time in a remote New Zealand community and explore the concept of social justice. The Partner Communities that we visit are Pawerenga (far north), Ranana (Whanganui River), Kaingaroa Forest Village (central plateau), Te Whaiti (Te Urewera), Ruatahuna (Te Urewera) and Ruatoria (East Cape).

Marist Youth Leader: a week long residential programme for students approaching their last year at school. This programme explores Christian leadership in the context of a Marist school with a particular focus on servant leadership. The programme explores ten keys of leadership and follows a process of input, reflection, interaction and practical application.

 Currently under development are university groups in four of the main tertiary centres. The aim is for students to maintain connection with Young Marists, build supportive communities and provide authentic leadership training opportunities throughout their years of study. 

To find out more and connect with Young Marists, check out their website HERE.